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Get your hands on Yuvi Style’s exquisite Bagru print range

For centuries India has been making noise all over the world because of its vibrant and diverse culture. Be it food, or clothes, or languages, or traditions, everything is different in all the corners of the country. This diversity is what has always been looked up to by the world. Just like all this the Indian handloom also has a lot of varieties, according to a census by the All India Handloom (2019-20), presently there are 26,73,891 handloom weavers and 8,48,621 allied workers in the country. Maharashtra’s Paithani, Gujarat’s Bandhani, Goa’s Kunbi, Andhra Pradesh’s Kalamkari, Rajasthan’s Bagru, etc are a few of the famous handloom prints.


Unfortunately in recent times, the handloom industry has witnessed a drastic fall due to industrialization. However, on the bright side, there are individuals who are trying to not let India’s magnificent handloom industry die. One such person who is working round the clock to glorify the industry is Mohan Lal Sharma, the founder of the brand- Yuvi Style. The fashion brand caters to many types of handlooms but one of their main focuses is on Rajasthan’s  Bagru prints. The hand block printing is done by Chippa’s by using natural colours. These prints are done in Bagru’s town of Rajasthan’s capital Jaipur and are praised worldwide. Unlike other prints, Bagru involves a different kind of printing as it is done through the usage of wooden blocks. The desired design is first engraved on a wooden block and then that block is used for getting that design on the fabric.


Yuvi Style was started in 2014 with a store and then with digitization, they launched their own website, offering a wide range of elegant collections of Bagru prints. From splendid designer Bagru Print silk suit sets to dupattas, they have it all. If someone desires to revamp their wardrobe with mesmerising ethnic clothes then there is no better shop than Yuvi Style. The eye-pleasing Bagru block prints, the comfortable fabric, and the fine quality colours all make these clothing pieces people’s favourite. The label offers fabrics that can further be customised according to the buyer’s wish; this adds bonus points for them. Yuvi Style is also high on quality checks, hence every product goes through double checks, maintaining the highest quality.


Talking about how the brand is helping Bagur and other prints relive, the founder Mohan Lal Sharma shares, “I started Yuvi Style with a motive of saving the beautiful handloom industry of India. After all these years I can proudly say that the brand has helped the handloom industry of Bagru and other towns a lot. We make sure to incorporate every handloom industry possible and then further deliver the magnificent oriented fabrics to our customer’s doorsteps. Our catalogue involves lots of different prints from every part of the county and in the future we also envision working even harder to keep the art alive.”


Yuvi Style surely sells clothes with traditional prints but still, they keep up with trends and try to amalgamate modern and traditional art. They offer free shipping on every order and even their return policy is customer friendly.  So if you are on a hunt for finding a brand that sells ethnic clothes with gorgeous Indian Handloom prints then Yuvi Style is the one for you.

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