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Chhabra Farms and Resorts Unveils Their New Event Management Venture ‘Spara’

Chhabra Farms and Resorts Unveils/Announces Their New Event Management Venture ‘Spara’

~When it comes to delivering nothing less than excellence, Spara is a maestro~

November 2022: Every person who is in charge of organizing an event hopes to create the best one possible, the sort of gathering that attracts attention from everyone and becomes a hot topic. Chhabra Farms has established its own event management company, “Spara Events,” to make these aspirations come true by offering the appropriate setting, delectable menu, and small finishing touches like design and lighting that people occasionally overlook. Chhabra Fields has had several parties and events being conducted on their fields, so they are aware with the challenges of event hosting. Spara was made with this understanding in mind.

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They take on the task of organizing and planning your activities, taking care of everything from providing food and accommodation to setting up suitable entertainment. They also attend to any unforeseen demands that may arise.

Speaking on the launch of the Spara event management company, Mr. Chhabra expressed his gratitude and said “We made the decision to expand our offerings and launch an event management firm after learning about the amazing success Chhabra Farms experienced. We will handle everything, from planning to arranging to carrying it out and provide our visitors a remarkable experience. With this launch, we are convinced, will redefine and rethink the event management experience.”

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The bride and groom’s wedding day is the biggest and most significant occasion of their lives, thus it must be flawless in every aspect. Spara Events goes above and beyond to make people’s dream wedding a reality, ensuring that they contribute to the execution of this vision. Everything from the nail salon to the beauty salon, is taken care of. Any burden associated with planning is gone. the place? Perfect. almost like something from a storybook. Beautiful lights, indeed. The cuisine was excellent. With each project they do, Spara Events strives to accomplish this goal.

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Each event features international food made by famous chefs that exquisitely matches the venue’s unique design. Even the surroundings and décor are beautiful to look at. They provide a variety of entertainment options, including DJs and dancers that will make sure all the visitors are tapping their feet to the infectious beat. The location offers a garden, pool, and a large inside hall, making it easy to host all of your activities.

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