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Delhi Gets a New Dining Address at Buona Serac

Buona Sera is the brainchild of two passionate foodies Akshay Sharma and Jatin Khurana from different backgrounds, While Akshay Sharma is hailing from financial background, Jatin Khurana is Bollywood Actor, producer and in real state background.

Buona Sera means Good Evening and it’s captivating outdoor space will transport you to the quaint cafes of the European countryside, evoking the essence of Italy. The interiors are warm and inviting, with a blend of turquoise and white.

Buona Sera offers a generous menu that caters to a wide range of tastes, featuring options such as soups, salads, Mediterranean delights like risotto, pasta, and pizza, along with classic favorites.

Some of the must-try signature dishes include the Napoleon Pizza, Beetroot burger, Lebanese Platter, Apple cider Mocktail, and Avocado and Quinoa salad.

“All across the globe, café is understood as an easy going place where people could work, drink, party and relax together, however lately cafes n India are those dark places which are confined to evening drink scenes. Redefining the language of Cafe, Our intention of introducing Buona Sera to market is to introduce the real Cafe culture which is all about lively place to enjoy Good vibes with your tribe. Buona Sera is your everyday place where you can sit over your meetings , have a great conversations, have good food over great coffee.It is true cafe in every sense”. said, Akshay Sharma, Co founder, Buona Sera.

Buona Sera aims to be an everyday place where people can gather for meetings, engage in conversations, and savor food paired with great coffee.

It offers a vibrant atmosphere that encourages connections and enjoyable moments with your tribe.

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