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Delhi Weather: The coldest cold in Delhi today is up to 2.8 degrees

Delhi Weather Update: The weather seems to be changing in the first week of the new year itself and cold has wreaked havoc in most of the states of the country. Fog is continuing in North India with cold wave, which is likely to continue even further. The attack of cold day (Delhi Weather Update) continues in many states. At the same time, the fog in Delhi is less at the moment, but there is a continuous drop in the temperature and a record has been recorded today. Similar is the situation in other states as well, let’s know the temperature of other states…

The temperature in Delhi was 2.8 degrees

The weather in Delhi changed with the arrival of the new year, with a rapid drop in temperature. At the same time, cold wave and light fog are also present in the capital. According to Hindumetro, visibility in Delhi’s Palam was pegged at 25 meters today due to fog. Talking about the temperature, the lowest minimum temperature of this season was recorded at 2.8 degrees Celsius on Lodhi Road in Delhi this morning. On the other hand, Safdarjung recorded a minimum temperature of 3 degrees and a maximum temperature of 17 degrees.


Mercury also dropped in Uttar Pradesh, havoc of cold wave

In Uttar Pradesh (UP Weather Update), more cold than the capital Delhi has wreaked havoc. The minimum temperature here is 7 degrees, but the maximum temperature is 12 degrees, due to which the cold is felt more. People are also seen avoiding going out now, people are coming out of their homes only when needed. The fog is also very high in the state, visibility has come down to zero in Agra.

Temperature and visibility (in meters) of major states:

  • The minimum temperature in Jammu and Kashmir was -7, while the visibility was 25 in Jammu.
  • According to the Meteorological Department, the temperature in Punjab was 5 degrees, while the visibility in Bhatinda city of the state was 0, while it was 25-25 in Amritsar and Patiala.
  • In Haryana, today the temperature was 6 degrees in Chandigarh, while the visibility was 25.
  • The temperature in Uttarakhand was 1 degree, while the visibility in Dehradun was 200.
  • The fog has reduced to some extent in Northwest Rajasthan. There has been 25-25 visibility in Ganganagar and Churu.
  • In Bihar’s Patna, the temperature was 9 degrees and visibility was 25.
  • In West Bengal, the temperature was 13 degrees, whereas in Siliguri, the visibility was 100.
  • The minimum temperature in Madhya Pradesh was 7 and visibility was 25 in Gwalior.
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