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Diabetes In Young Age: Do not be a victim of ‘diabetes’ at a young age, so follow these easy tips from today!

Diabetes In Young Age: The cases of diabetes are increasing rapidly all over the world, and now it is a matter of concern that diabetes is being seen not only in old people but also in young people as before. According to Diabetes UK, there were 120,000 diabetes cases among youth in 2016-17, which increased to 148,000 in 2020-21 i.e. an increase of 23 percent. From which it is clear that now young people are also falling prey to diabetes rapidly.


Why are the cases of diabetes increasing at a young age?

Obesity is the main reason behind people who are falling prey to diabetes at a young age. And obesity comes from junk, processed, sweet and fat-rich foods. Apart from this, lack of exercise also increases weight. Stress is also causing diabetes in young people. Generally, people who get type 2 diabetes at an early age also have a history of diabetes in their family.

What are the symptoms of diabetes in young people?

The symptoms and signs of type 2 diabetes are similar in young people to those seen in older people. The early symptoms of diabetes include excessive thirst, excessive urination, feeling tired, not healing the wound, and a feeling of numbness in the feet. Apart from this, people’s eyes can also become weak and they can see blurry.

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Can diabetes be prevented at an early age?

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease, which is absolutely possible to avoid. Include more and more healthy food in your diet and reduce the intake of carbs and calories.

Also, exercise daily to maintain the right weight. It is important to do yoga, sleep on time and take good sleep.

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How to prevent diabetes before the age of 40

1. Give importance to physical activity

Physical activity is the most important medicine in our life. Most of us are unable to find time to exercise due to our busy lifestyle. Do light exercise every day but for some time, such as brisk walking, household chores, gardening, lifting heavy objects, dancing etc. You can also take advice of an expert.

2. Keep the right weight for the length

If you are overweight for your height, try to reduce it. This will improve your metabolism and you will be able to lead a healthy life. Increase the intake of protein in the diet and reduce the extra carbs. Avoid crash diets and include the necessary calories and nutrition.

3. Quit Smoking

To avoid diabetes, it is important to stop using any kind of tobacco. Smoking especially, apart from this, if you use tobacco in any other way, then stop that too.

4. Try to Avoid Stress

Stress is there in everyone’s life, we all go through some problems or the other. Difficulties in life cannot be eliminated, but other ways can definitely be found to avoid them. You can listen to songs, dance, meditate, do yoga and you can also take help of counseling.

5. Get enough sleep

For good health it is important that we get a good night’s sleep. To avoid diabetes, get at least 7 hours of sleep every day.

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