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‘Hindu’ Persian word is very dirty Meaning. Karnataka Congress leader Satish Jarkiholi raised a question about this.

The Congress in Karnataka has landed in a major contestation after its leader questioned the origin of the word “ Hindu ” and said that the word and religion are being “ strongly assessed ” on the people.
Hindu is Persian Word, Its Meaning is 'Horrible', Says Karnataka Cong Prez
They speak about Hindu Dharm. This that, where did the Hindu word come from? Is it ours? It’s Persian. Persian is from Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. What’s Bharat’s relationship with it? also, how did the Hindu come yours? There should be a debate on this, Jarkiholi said.
Where has the term’ Hindu’ come from? Congress leader Satish Jarkiholi asked, responding,  It came from Persia. And where is that? Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. So, what’s its relation with India? How is( the word)’ Hindu’ yours?

The reflections have attracted severe counterreaction and review from the Congress’s political opponents- the BJP- and social media druggies.
It’s veritably unfortunate. The Congress party has always disrespected the maturity. before, it was Siddaramaiah doing the same. Now, his follower and a former minister, Satish Jarkiholi, is doing the same, ” BJP’s S Prakash said.

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This is a unwarranted argument. He’s saying Hindu is a Persian word which is kind of an vituperative word. These kinds of demotion they enjoy. The Congress should clarify his statement and tell us if this is a particular stage or an sanctioned stage. Indeed else, the Congress should apologise and take action against Satish Jarkiholi, ” Prakash added.

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He has no authority to decide all that. This only creates gratuitous contestation. Occasionally, I can not believe that luck Narendra Modi has. With opposition like this, no wonder he virtually wins every election the BJP fights in. Congress, you’re enough much doomed with officers like these. Mallikarjun Kharge, please review, ” one stoner wrote.

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