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Hitonpay Lifecare Opc Pvt Ltd, under the guidance of Bhuraram Beniwal,  has recently introduced their payment gateway method

Hitonpay lifecare opc private limited, one of India’s largest Neo banking platforms, has recently launched its payment gateway services to provide a secure and PCI-compliant way to accept payments. The platform offers full-stack banking services to individuals and businesses of all sizes. The mission behind introducing payment gateway services is to simplify banking and make it a wonderful experience for every customer.

Some major services offered by the newly launched payment gateway network are mobile banking options, saving account services, personal savings & secure payment methods. In addition, the company provides excellent assistance in offering payment processing and information services that provide users’ security online, keeping one’s funds easily accessible, and offering a benefit of a savings account that suits one’s personal needs for banking.




The online banking solutions that the platform is bringing forth entail creating an emergency fund, helping the customers to save and invest their money, and making them learn to have quick knowledge on how to budget their money and get out of debt when and where required. On the other hand, the payment gateway method’s major advantages are low cost, safe & security methods, and a robust life support system.

Software Development & Founder and CEO Hitonpay lifecare opc private limited Bhuraram Beniwal shares, “With the world going digital, it is imperative to innovate the methods and bring something new to the table. Undoubtedly, digital payment methods are the new normal and are gaining traction among consumers. Moreover, the adoption of digital payments grew leaps and bounds during the pandemic resulting in a tremendous growth rate in both value and volume of transitions. Therefore, to provide customers with the best options and world-class credibility, we have launched our new feature payment gateway services to make financial transactions streamlined and productive.”

Hitonpay lifecare opc private limited offers personal banking services where customers can save and track their money & get 1% unlimited cash back on online shopping. Besides this, the platform also provides business banking services specially designed for today’s Startups & SMEs and inclusive banking options that aim to include everybody by giving them essential financial assistance nevertheless of their income or savings.




This recently introduced payment gateway method is to help one to manage their money more effectively with online banking solutions. Higher returns on investments, no ATM fees, no minimum balance requirement, no overdraft, and easy availability of credible cards that operate worldwide are the major factors that make the firm stand out from others.

Bhuraram Beniwal is a software development and forex trader by profession and did his early education from Tagore School, Osiya, Jodhpur. After that he completed from Skit jaipur in his educational qualification. For some time, he offered his services in the form of software development. But soon, he set out on his goal where he could strengthen the present and future of thousands of companies. When Bhuraram Beniwal , the founder and CEO of Hitonpay lifecare opc private limited laid its foundation, his only objective was how to provide consulting services to every company with the right strategy. But now he is doing everything. His ideas made thousands of companies travel from floor to floor. He and his team are working diligently by keeping in mind the simple and useful approach while at the same time removing the intricacies and complexities of thousands of companies.

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