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PROF. DR.ASHISH R.GAJBHIYE ,The most Qualified and Educated person of India .

Dr.Ashish Ravindra Gajbhiye was born on December 4,1983 village -Chicholi bad, Chhindwara district into a renewoned farmer family. Dr.Ashish Gajbhiye has achieved 100 plus Degrees,Diplomas,Certificates from 31 universities of India,UK,USA,GERMANY. Many book of world records Like Asia book of records,Indian book of records,Amazing book of world records,Oscar World records was recognized and acknowledged his name as a most qualified and Educated person of India. . The List of achievements 1.Bachelor of Science 2.Bachelor of homoeopathic medicine and Surgery. 3.Master of Social Work. 4.Master of Business Administration. 5.Post graduate Diploma in hospital and health management. 6.Post graduate Diploma in Computer Application. 7.Diploma in HIV and Family Education. 8.Diploma in pharmacology. 9.Diploma in Embryology. 10.Diploma in Gross Anatomy. 11.Diploma in physiology . 12.Diploma in molecular biology and genetics. 13.Diploma in behavioural Sciences 14.Diploma in Histology. 15.Diploma in Cell biology. . 16.Diploma in Mental Health. 17.Diploma in Psychiatry. 18.Advamced diploma in brain and behaviour. 19.Diploma in diagnosis, Treatment and management of ADHD. 20.Diploma in Pathology. 21.100 plus certificates from 31 different of India,UK,USA and Germany. . 22.100 plus certificates of traning by World health Organisation. 23.Ambassador at 8 international organisations. 24.Doctorates -. 1.Prixton Church and University,USA ,Florida. 2.Abide University,USA. 3.United College of Brazil,Brazil. 4.UNRS,Sweden. 5.DPMRI,Nigeria. 6.SHRSJC,India. 7.SRB,India. . 8.AFF,South Africa. 9.ICFA,GHANA. 10.The kingdom of new Atlantis. Dr.Ashish Gajbhiye was a principal in many colleges and he has been trained thousands of students across country. Dr.gajbhiye is an official Certified trainer for postgraduate health care trainees by MBRU of medicine and health Sciences,Dubai. Dr.Gajbhiye was a medical officer at several govt covid care centres at district palghar and he has been saved thousands of life . Dr.Ashish Gajbhiye Says that Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar founder father of India and symbol of knowledge is my inspiration for every thing.WhatsApp Image 2022 07 22 at 11.55.32 AM » hindu metro

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