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iStem dermaceutical announces Beyond Beauty Contests to empower Indian Women

Dr. Lita Mohapatra, who is the founder of iStem dermaceutical, has successfully organized the first season of the show ‘Beyondbeauty2022’. The aim of the #BeyondBeauty Contest was to empower Indian women. This seven series of events in the form of auditions which were organised across Bhubaneswar, Odisha was conducted to select new faces for an ad campaign for the company. A total of 10 contestants were selected from different universities which also included KIIT University, Sri Sri University, Birla Global University, IBCS SOA University & XIM , Bhubaneswar.


The grand finale of the 7 serial events was organised at Mayfair Lagoon, on 15th May 2022 at Bhubaneswar. Dr Lita Mohapatra, founder iSTEM dermaceutical, Mrs Zubina Ali, founder Zuby’s Fashion, Dr Rosalin Patasani Mishra, founder Parichay foundation, Master Chef of Odisha- Ms Smrutishree Singh, and Ollywood actress Ms Elina Samantray were the names that were a part of the esteemed Jury Panel. The winners of the grand finale will be the top five contestants who will be awarded with direct entry as semi finalist for Ms India International Woman of Substance 2022 that would be organised by Asrava Foundation, in Mumbai this year .


Talking about the same, Dr Lita Mohapatra stated, “We’re launching a social media campaign to empower women. We wish to make your skin healthy since beautiful skin is healthy skin. We auditioned female students throughout universities in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, as part of the program. We are looking for 10 new faces to be a part of a worldwide marketing campaign and coffee table book launch.” She claims that iStem dermaceutical has a capable team, with Dr. Leisha Mohapatra serving as the company’s creative director. She infuses each event with innovation, creativity, and refinement.

The brand exhibits heartfelt gratitude towards Dr Mrutyunjay Suar, CEO KIIT TBI, StartUp Evangelist Dr Sanjukta Badhai and Mr Barada Prasad Panigrahi, the CEO of Sri Sri Incubation Centre for their constant support and guidance . It also is thankful to the co-sponsors LosJovenes Clinilogic Pvt Ltd, iStem dermaceuticals Asrava Foundation, Clinilogic Aesthetics, Earthology Pvt Ltd,  Mrs Poonam Mohapatra founder Get Back to Nature, Mr Rajendra  Parida founder Sai Plywood, Mrs Subhrasheema Nayak MMT Salon, Mrs Sushma Epari Founder Jeweligree , Partner Epari Govindam & Sons and Mrs Sonal Saraogi Alba gifts.

Los Jovenes Pvt Ltd’s iSTEM dermaceuticals division is all set to launch products with more scale-ups and the product launch is planned after BIRAC’s Biotech Ignition Grant. Los Jovenes Clinilogic has established a great reputation as a creator of unique active ingredient concepts as well as a true expert in the domains of biotechnology and biochemistry in a short period. Its extensive array of activities is currently being created and formulated using cutting-edge research and development technologies. The brand intends to have designs and develops high-quality actives for the pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical industries, based on naturally derived substances and substantial scientific experience.


Skin colour has been a controversial topic from time immemorial, and it still is now. The fixation with being whiter or fairer has put so much pressure on society, resulting in a pointless distinction between pales, whites, browns, and blacks. Because of heredity, the evolution of life, and light exposure, skin colour varies from darkest brown to palest shades and it should be cherished by all. iSTEM dermaceuticals is one such brand that not only offers quality beneficial items sourced directly from naturally derived products and organic ingredients. It supports all skin kinds and colours and has different products for different levels of satisfaction since it is more concerned with providing healthy, moisturized, glowing, and soft skin. Keeping the health of your skin and keeping it free of pollutants is ideal, which is the brand’s aspiration, and hence it develops goods to help consumers attain beautiful and healthy skin regardless of skin colour.


“We care for your trillion skin cells,” says the company’s mission statement. Talking further about what is the motto of the brand iSTEM dermaceuticals, the founder went on to say, “The idea and mindset being passed down is a beautiful existence from perfect skin – but only for those of the correct shade. This has given rise to a multibillion-dollar industry of cosmetic creams and invasive operations including skin bleaching, chemical peels, laser treatments, steroid cocktails, “whitening” pills, and intravenous injections, all of which have varying degrees of effectiveness and health concerns. It’s a dangerous cultural fixation, not just a bias.”


Los Jovenes Cliniclogic, a start-up established in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, owns the trademark iStemDermaceutical. In the form of skin serums, iStemDermaceuticals offers a dermatologically tested and technology-driven phytopharmaceutical product. Is initially only for the Indian market, but Dr. Mohapatra believes it has the potential to expand globally. Even though the company is currently incubating at KIIT TBI Bhubaneswar, it is growing with a strong R&D laboratory and adhering to rules.

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