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Vimla Rugs is all set to launch 100% Natural-Dyed Yoga Mats this Yoga Day

Vimla Rugs, one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of best Rugs in India is all set to launch 100% Natural-Dyed Yoga Mats, this Yoga Day. The Yoga Mats would be eco-friendly and would be produced with about 20 wellness promoting herbal dyes and cushy organic cotton. The brand has stated that these herbally dyed Yoga Mats would be manufactured in a way that would provide consumers with a plethora of benefits. In a first of its kind, these Yoga Mats will be ethically-handloomed and will be produced through using organic raw cotton.


The 100% Natural-Dyed Yoga Mats alongside being anti-bacterial and anti-fungal in nature will also be sweat and slip resistant, providing comfort to the Yoga Practitioners. The soon-to-be-launched Yoga Mats will be 100% non-toxic and would be produced through plant dyes and natural tree rubber. Additionally, these Yoga Mats would be free of any man-made chemicals, heavy metals, PVC, BPA, or phthalates. Vimla Rugs, through announcing the introduction of these Yoga Mats, aims to help Yoga enthusiasts in reaching their full wellness potential and providing them with comfort during the time of practising this ancient art.


Talking about the idea behind the introduction of these eco-friendly 100% Natural-Dye Yoga Mats, Kamlesh Kumar Jain and Dinesh Kumar Jain, the founders of Vimla Rugs stated, “We all are pretty much aware of the fact that in India, the tradition of Yoga has been going on since centuries but in the recent times, people have become very much inclined towards Yoga, given its health benefits. For practising Yoga, people have been using Yoga Mats but somehow, these Mats that are available in the market are not healthy and are made through using substances that are harmful to our environment. To address this concern and with an aim to provide people with Yoga Mats that are eco-friendly and free of any harmful toxins, we decided to introduce these 100% Natural- Dye Yoga Mats and what better day than Yoga Day for the launch of our new product.” Every one can buy it from their official website


The entrepreneurial duo of Kamlesh Kumar Jain and Dinesh Kumar Jain along with the team of Vimla Rugs are all excited for the launch of these 100% Natural-Dyed Yoga Mats that would take place on 21st June, on the occasion of International Day of Yoga. Today, Vimla Rugs stands as a pioneer name in the field of rugs and carpets manufacturing industry. Known for the promising quality and uncompromised artistry, Vimla Rugs has carved a niche for themselves, standing tall against all odds. Currently, they are among India’s largest manufacturers and exporters of top-notch quality rugs, carpets and yoga mats.

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