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Joshimath News: Fear of cracks in Karnaprayag after Joshimath

After Joshimath, now Karnaprayag of Chamoli district has also come under the grip of cracks. The condition of eight houses here remains dangerous. In view of this, eviction notices have been given to eight families living in these houses.

60 villages of Karnaprayag are also in danger

In Karnaprayag, there is a danger of landslides from Rajnagar, Gandhinagar, Bahugunanagar, ITI and Upper Bazar Ramlila Maidan to the mosque complex. At the same time, cracks have also appeared in around 60 houses.

Seeing the condition of the people of Joshimath, the concern of the residents of Karnaprayag has also increased. Local residents of Karnaprayag, which has a population of 14 thousand, have complained that in the year 2012, during the construction of the Mandi Committee’s building, excavation was done with JCB machines.

From that time, landslides started in the city and cracks started increasing continuously in the houses. After this many people started living in rented buildings. On the other hand, due to lack of drainage system in the city, when there is a slight rain, there is a danger of landslides due to the movement of water towards the population.

Tehsildar Surendra Singh Dev, who reached the inspection of residential buildings, said that the survey of more than 24 buildings which came under the JD of landslide has been done. Of these, eight residential buildings were not found habitable. In such a situation, these families will be shifted to the night shelter of the municipality.

Roorkee IIT will study geographical structure

A team of geologists from IIT Roorkee will study the geological structure of landslide areas from Bahuguna nagar to ITI in Karnaprayag, the main stop of Badrinath Yatra.

More than 60 houses in the city area are under landslide, while eight houses are not fit to live in. However, even before this, geologists of Roorkee IIT had studied the city area and told the need for other studies including soil testing.

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