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Rum Blends For The Winter

Rum Blends For The Winter

As the season of winter is here to stay, we are here to turn the heat up this season with a good rum. From premium ingredients of short story white rum to ancient craftsmanship of plantation three stars and plantation original dark, explore our artisanal rums that are perfect to celebrate the moments in your life. The choice of all-weather spirits for this season is here as we introduce you all to our premium rums.


Short Story White Rum

Short story White Rum » hindu metro

Short Story’s white rum is built as a great representation of Caribbean rum. Achieved by blending Indian molasses rum with 3 different rums from that region – a high ester Jamaican rum, balanced with a touch of a cask-aged Dominican & Trinidadian rum. On the nose, you’ll find the classic tropical grassy notes which is a signature of the Jamaican high ester, and end with a long and complex finish with the aged rums.

Price: Maharashtra: INR1650 || Karnataka INR 1950 || Goa for INR 1050

Plantation 3 Stars

CounterTop Plantation 3 Stars » hindu metro

3 Stars is a suave blend of aged and unaged rums from three primary terroirs: Barbados, Trinidad & Jamaica. While Barbados delivers a rich and balanced palate, Trinidad adds finesse, and Jamaica provides an emphatic structure. The final product is filtered to remove color making it a smooth-tasting white rum that blends well with your cocktails.

A perfect rum for Daiquiris.

Price: Goa- INR 2,985 || Mumbai INR 3,400

Plantation Original Dark 

CounterTop Plantation Original Dark jpg » hindu metro

The blends of Original Dark are initially aged in the tropical regions of Barbados & Jamaica and then its taste is further enhanced by double aging in the wooden barrels of France. Notes of plum, banana, and vanilla, spiced with a hint of cinnamon and clove make Plantation Original Dark an ideal companion for cocktails.

Price: Goa- INR 2,985 || Mumbai INR 3,400

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