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Make This Traditional Indian Xmas Foods

Delicacies to make this festive season

(Pull up a chair and dine on Christmas dishes from across)

Traditional Indian Xmas Foods: Tables heaving with platters of food and excited squeals as dishes are revealed; there’s nothing quite like a good old Christmas feast. India’s Christmas foods are diverse, elaborate and reflect the traditions of local communities. From recipes that have been handed down over generations to seasonal produce that flavours dishes, here are some traditional Indian recipes to try this Christmas.

Indian Christmas Dishes to try

With a country like ours that has countless communities, cultures and traditions you can be assured of some very delicious and very different Christmas dishes. Flavours to suit all palates, these are some of our favourite dishes to try making at home, not only because they’re easy to make but also because they’re guaranteed to bring the widest and brightest smiles on the faces of your loved ones.

Allahabadi cake from Allahabad

Allahabadi cake from Allahabad

A dish from the East Indian community in Allahabad, this fruit cake is made from petha (made from white pumpkin) and soaked fruits and nuts with distinctive flavours of ghee and several spices. If you don’t have access to petha, simply skip it in the recipe, it will still taste as good.
Pork sausage curry from Bengal
Pork sausage curry from Bengal
The classic sausage gets an inbuilt Indian spice and flavour hit. In Kolkata, this Anglo-Indian dish is made a few only. With expert hands these sausage makers mix finely chopped onions, spices, salt, green chilli, coriander, mint and celery in the sausage meat before stuffing it into the skin. If you can’t get your hands on this Kolkata special, just follow our recipe for a taste of sheer goodness.
Kormolas from Goa

Kormolas from Goa

Kormolas or flower bud cookies, are part of a feast of Christmas sweets inspired by the Portuguese. Traditionally, they are part of a platter of 22 sweets that are painstakingly made at home and distributed to close friends, family and neighbours. Mildly sweet and crispy, they’re the best teatime treats after a Christmas lunch.

Duck moilee from Maharashtra

The flavourful East Indian duck moilee is a must at Christmas celebrations in Maharashtra. The tender and juicy meat is cooked with a special East Indian bottle masala (a mix of 36 spices) but if you can’t find the bottle, the recipe below works perfectly.
Sukrunde from Mangalore
Gongura mutton from Andhra Pradesh

Gongura mutton from Andhra Pradesh

Gongura or sorrel leaves (available across the country) give this lip-smacking East Indian dish a unique spicy and sour taste, a regular feature on Christmas tables in the region.
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