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​Makeup Trends for this Wedding season

Five Tips For Non Cakey Makeup Look

Inputs by-  Gunjan Aghera patel Celebrity makeup artist

Cakey makeup is created by using too much of the product, not because you’ve used too many products. See the distinction? So let’s address the issue at hand and improve that cakey foundation.

With these steps, you can say no to patchy, uneven makeup and say hello to a perfect face.

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Tip 1: For a flawless appearance, use a makeup sponge.

Undoubtedly, foundation brushes can offer you a smooth finish, but if you’re a beginner or desire makeup that seems like a second skin, you must attempt a cosmetic sponge, also known as a beauty blender. All the extra foundation will be absorbed by a damp sponge, leaving a thin, even skin tone trail behind.

Tip 2: Always prepare your skin.

It will be simpler to create a natural finish—but better—if your skin is properly moisturised and nourished. In addition to extending the wear of your makeup, primer makes it possible for foundation to apply smoothly and give you a dewy appearance all night.

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Tip 3: Maintain good skin hydration.

Cake face is the biggest nightmare for persons with dry skin since the flakes persist no matter how often they hydrate or prime the skin. Add oil to your routine to avoid bronzer that looks muddy and foundation that looks chalky.

Tip 4: Set everything with loose powder.

The most common error made by makeup beginners is not setting their makeup. Applying powder to your greasy T-zone, whether it be ordinary powder or oil-controlling banana powder, will enhance your makeup.

Tip 5: Settle the look

Who among you has ever considered makeup setting spray to be a waste of money? False, after applying numerous layers of makeup, your face resembles a powdered doughnut. Setting sprays will not only keep your makeup in place but also remove any powdery residue, set everything in place, and reveal a more unmade-up appearance.

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