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Mia Khalifa will show off in Bigg Boss 16, will blow everyone’s senses by making a wild card entry!

Mia Khalifa will show off in Bigg Boss 16, will blow everyone’s senses by making a wild card entry!

Is Mia Khalifa Enter In Bigg Boss 16: The drama going on in Bigg Boss 16 is taking a new form every day. In this high voltage drama where Archana Gautam is seen fighting a new contestant every day, Imlie fame star Sumbul Touqeer Khan has revealed that she might marry Fehmaan Khan. All the contestants present in the show are waiting for the Wild Card Entry (Bigg Boss 16 Wild Card Entry).

In such a situation, let us tell you that the name of adult star Mia Khalifa is getting a lot of headlines regarding the wild card entry contestant in Bigg Boss 16.

Will Mia Khalifa enter Bigg Boss house: Amidst the high voltage drama happening in Bigg Boss 16, the discussions about the name of the wild card have now intensified. In such a situation, the name that is making headlines the most is that of Mian Khalifa… Everyone knows that ever since Mian Khalifa has come into the limelight, there are speculations about her participation in Bigg Boss in every season.

Similarly, this time also it is being speculated whether she can enter Bigg Boss 16 house as a wild card. Although there is no official statement regarding the truth in these reports.

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Who is Mia Khalifa: Mia Khalifa is a porn star. At the same time, discussions about Mia Khalifa’s entry in Bigg Boss 16 have also intensified that as soon as she enters Bigg Boss house, she will be seen adding a dash of boldness and showing off her beauty to the people, because Miyan Khalifa is in real life too. Very bold and glamorous. Mian Khalifa has made her identity as a porn star.

In such a situation, his Instagram posts are also full of his bold style. This is the reason why every picture of Mian Khalifa starts going viral as soon as it is shared.

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Mia Khalifa’s tweet went viral: Till now no official statement has come from Miyan Khalifa’s side regarding her entry in Bigg Boss. Everyone is waiting for his answer. Everyone wants to know whether Miyan Khalifa will enter Bigg Boss 16. On the other hand, an old tweet of Mian Khalifa about coming to Bigg Boss is becoming increasingly viral, in which she had said that she will never set foot in India. Is That she will never come to India and will never be a part of Bigg Boss.

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