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Most Beautiful Islands in the World

Islands evoke images of paradise: an escape from the grind and a perfect stretch of sand where you can unwind under rustling palms and gaze out at a calm blue sea.
But not all islands are created the same. The beauty of some is defined more by the sea that surrounds them, which can captivate connoisseurs with its crystalline clarity and thriving coral kingdoms.

There are many most beautiful islands in the world, but what if you only want to visit the best of the best? We’ve compiled a list of the world’s best islands to assist you in making your decision, whether you’re planning a honeymoon, a romantic getaway, or a solo getaway with yours truly. These are our top 10 picks for the world’s most beautiful islands.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands in the World 

1. Maldives

Maldives, Most Beautiful Island in the World 

The Maldives are home to some of the world’s most beautiful islands, but it’s the sea, which truly makes these islands shine. Luminous aquamarine waters with a crystal clarity lap upon these dazzling white shores, which barely peek above the Indian Ocean.

The Maldives island, located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, is spellbindingly beautiful. The Maldives, located near the equator, has a warm and tropical climate that is ideal for lazy beach days all year. This low-lying island chain is known for its high level of luxury and emphasis on slow living.

 2. Bora Bora 

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Bora Bora, a one-hour flight from the South Pacific islands of Tahiti or Moorea, is love at first sight, with a lagoon resembling an artist’s palette of blues and greens. This island, where the castle-like Mount Otemanu pierces the sky, has attracted romantics from all over the world. Hibiscus-filled tropical slopes and valleys bloom, while palm-covered motu form a delicate necklace around the illuminated lagoon. Perfect white-sand beaches give way to emerald waters teeming with colourful fish that animate the coral gardens as they greet the giant manta rays. Bora Bora’s luxurious over-water bungalows nestled over the world’s most beautiful lagoon with a tropical backdrop make it a perfect honeymoon destination.

3. Palawan

Palawan, Beautiful islands in Mimaropa

Palawan is the Philippines’ equivalent of paradise. This island province stretches southwest to Borneo, with lush limestone peaks rising from a jewel-like sea so clear from above that you can almost see the expressions on the fish.

Palawan has some unforgettable diving sites for those looking to explore offshore, such as the shipwrecks of Coron Bay, which have transformed over time into natural coral reefs. Every day in Palawan is magical: swim in waterfalls, kayak on secluded lagoons, and paddle boat to see luminous fireflies after the sun sets.

4. Bali

Bali, Beautiful island in world

Bali possibly the most popular island on the earth. Bali is a yogi and surfer’s playground, with regular retreats on the social calendar. While Bali has become much more commercialised in recent years, with everything from backpackers to five-star villa hotels, there is still plenty of culture to be found.

Soak up the spiritual side of Bali in Ubud, see Seminyak, and family-friendly Sanur, feel the pumping pulse of touristy Kuta, or explore the attractions on the neighboring volcanic island of Lombok. One thing’s for sure: Bali’s enchanting spirit will wash over you like a warm, tropical wave.

5. Seychelles

Seychelles, Beautiful island

The Seychelles are worth visiting because they are pristine and picture-perfect. This relatively unspoiled archipelago of 115 coral and granite islands east of Kenya is packed with attractions, from UNESCO-listed jungles and thriving coral reefs to palm-lined, powdery beaches flanked by massive boulders. Seychelles is a most beautiful island in Indian Ocean.

Almost half the total land area of these equatorial isles is protected, and many of the islands lie within fish-rich marine sanctuaries with excellent diving and snorkeling.

6. Santorini


Santorini, a volcanic island, is one of the most well-known places on the planet. This Greek island is famous for its enviable sunsets, which are characterised by its whitewashed and blue-domed Cycladic towns hugging the caldera cliffs above the edge of the Aegean.

Santorini’s other highlights include the Akrotri Archaeological Site, Ancient Thira, the black sand beach of Perissa, and, of course, the sublime sunsets. Sail into this breathtaking caldera, surrounded by soaring sea cliffs, for an unforgettable first impression.

7. Lofoten

Lofoten, Most beautiful island

Lofoten is an island group known for its dramatic natural attractions, which range from towering mountains to deepest bays. Those in the know travel here in search of the enigmatic Northern Lights and to hike the Svolvaer Goat, one of Norway’s most popular climbing peaks.

This archipelago is a real treat for those looking to get off the beaten path, with opportunities for fishing, bird watching, cycling, and sea kayaking in the summer and skiing and tracking down the Aurora Borealis in the winter. Visiting these islands is unforgettable because village life appears to be charmingly frozen in time. For a portion of the year, the sun even shines until midnight.

8. Koh Samui

Island Hopping the Gulf Bangkok Koh Phangan Koh Samui Singapore 3 » hindu metro

Koh Samui (Samui Island) is a popular Thai resort island with beautiful beaches and a variety of fun activities. This cosmopolitan beach destination attracts a diverse range of visitors, from budget travellers staying in simple beachside bungalows to the wealthiest vacationers enjoying the luxury of one of Koh Samui’s many 5-star resorts and villas.

Koh Samui is pure tropical eye candy, with jungle-backed beaches, jewel-toned seas, and perfectly arching palms. When you combine kaleidoscopic coral reefs and emerald peaks rising from the turquoise sea in the sublimely beautiful Ang Thong National Marine Park, it’s difficult not to fall in love with this tropical Thai paradise.

9. Mallorca


Mallorca, one of Spain’s Balearic Islands, is a well-known beach destination with 300 days of sunshine per year. It’s ideal for relaxing, with its quiet coves, limestone mountains, citrus orchards, and sleepy stone villages overlooking the Mediterranean. But Mallorca is much more than meets the eye.

The island also has several Roman and Moorish ruins, as well as a thriving nightlife scene in Palma. Don’t miss the royal palace with its glorious Moorish design and the Palma Cathedral with its enchanting Gothic façade if you’re interested in history and architecture. This unusually mecca-facing cathedral, built on the site of a Moorish mosque, boasts one of the world’s largest stained glass windows.

10. St Lucia

St. Lucia

Saint Lucia, a tropical retreat in the Eastern Caribbean, is about as picturesque as it gets. It is unapologetically photogenic, with the iconic Pitons, lush rainforests, clifftop waterfalls, banana and pineapple plantations, and some of the most beautiful volcanic beaches.

While many fly in to take advantage of the island’s top-notch beach resorts and explore the quaint fishing villages, the melting-pot capital of Castries is also a popular cruise port. Saint Lucia has it all, from sulphur springs and secluded bays to bustling markets and Caribbean dance parties.

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