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Moiz Qureshi creating buzzz with Shikwa e Qalb

Hip-Hop is more with five integrand
i.e. DJing, MCing, Graffiti, Beatboxing and Breakdance. Rap is a form of popular music that grew out of Hip-Hop culture. In this view,  Rap is superficial and commercial.
If you’re always searching for some new hip-hop rap you should look out and add Shikwa e qalb” by Moiz Qureshi to your playlist!

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Moiz Qureshi

Moiz Qureshi, a 24 years old Karachi hip-hop rap star wrote this song that’s immersed with all the emotions.
This song “Shikwa e qalb” as the name is explained well.
With his latest track, he wonderfully portrays the feelings of complaining about lost love through amazing rap and soulful compositions that take listeners on a memorable journey.

Shikwa e qalb’s music features moiz that explains conscious of heart and a guy complaining to his girl to not leave him and it’s so vibey and catchy.

Moreover, Moiz said he would like to collab with Faris Shafi and Divine later who’s his inspiration too.

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