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Shraddha Murder Case: After killing Shraddha, Aftab did a job in Gurugram, used to get a salary of Rs 52 thousand

After the murder of Shraddha Walker, Aftab started working in a multinational company in Gurugram. Here he used to get a salary of 52 thousand rupees per month. Due to this he was living life like normal people. He used to eat mostly outside.

Used to order food from zomato

If ever he did not eat outside, he used to order food from Zomato. He used to do this so that he would not have to step out to get household items. He didn’t even talk to the people in the neighborhood. Police say that Aftab wanted to stay in Delhi for some more time to see if his father in Mumbai had lodged any complaint against Shraddha with the police.


The plan was to go to Mumbai after the matter calmed down.

When there was no news of any discovery by his relatives about Shraddha and the matter was settled, his plan was to return to Mumbai, but before the mystery of the murder was revealed, he was caught by the Delhi Police.

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Shraddha murder case: Accused Aftab inspired by crime show 'Dexter', bought fridge to store body parts

During police interrogation, the accused confessed to the murder. The police team reached the accused through the location of the mobile phone of the girl. Aftab, who has done a course in hotel management and chef, told the police that on the night of May 18, he had killed Shraddha while she was sleeping.

Bought double door fridge (300 litres), saws and polybags from Chhatarpur on 19th May. He cut about 35 pieces of the dead body with a saw and kept it in the fridge. He used to go to the forest every night at two o’clock in the night and take out the pieces of the carcass from the polybag and throw it so that the animals would eat it.


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