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Sunny Deol: Sunny Deol’s role in ‘Gadar 2’, the actor told what is special in this ‘Tara Singh’

The wait for Sunny Deol’s most awaited upcoming movie ‘Gadar 2’ is about to end in just a few days. The film is four days away from release. In such a situation, the promotions of ‘Gadar 2’ have been intensified. Recently Sunny Deol attended the Jagran Film Festival. Here he disclosed about the character Tara Singh along with promoting his film. Along with this, Sunny Deol tied the knot with his iconic dialogues.

What is special about Tara Singh this time?

Sunny Deol’s same old action will be seen in ‘Gadar 2’ directed by Anil Sharma. Seeing the trailer itself, it is known that even today the same charisma is present in Sunny Deol’s acting and power. After the 2001 all time blockbuster film ‘Gadar’, Anil Sharma is back with ‘Gadar 2’ with the same cast. People are curious to know what will be new in ‘Tara Singh’ this time.


‘Like Marvel Comics, Like Tara Singh’

Sunny Deol, who reached Jagran Film Festival, said that Tara Singh is no less than Hulk or Superman of superhero movies. He said, “Tara Singh is our Hulk, Superman. As Marvel Comics are, so is Tara Singh.

‘Hindustan zindabad tha, Hindustan zindabad hai, Hindustan zindabad rahega’

There are many scenes and dialogues in the movie ‘Gadar’, which make the movie special. One of these is ‘Hindustan Zindabad Tha, Hindustan Zindabad Hai, Hindustan Zindabad Rahega’ dialogue. This dialogue will be heard once again in ‘Gadar 2’ in the powerful voice of Sunny Deol. On the stage of the film festival, Sunny Deol created a different atmosphere by repeating this dialogue.

Significantly, in ‘Gadar’, the love story of Tara Singh and Sakina was shown, who get married after the partition. But their happiness is overshadowed when Sakina’s father forces her to live in Pakistan and separates her from the family. The story ahead of this is shown in ‘Gadar 2’. The story of the second part revolves around Tara Singh and Sakina’s son ‘Jeete’. The film is releasing on 11 August.

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