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The Twitter account of Jesus Christ has been verified, you will be surprised to know the reason

Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk has been perpetually creating changes to the micro-blogging platform. the foremost arguable being – a verified account (popularly known as ‘a blue tick’) for $7.99. because of this new Twitter Blue feature, Christ currently encompasses a verified account.
From a verified however pretend account of american athlete Lebron James to a pretend Nintendo of America account with a blue tick, some users are misusing the new feature to impersonate others. within the latest, a Twitter account with the name Christ has been given a blue tick.
Buddy Christ
Before the takeover, Elon Musk claimed that Twitter was ridden with bots/fake accounts, and thence he failed to need to shut the $44 million deal. But now, Twitter is ridden with a bunch of users impersonating major brands and celebrities, even God!

This could be a parody

The verified account of Christ options no spiritual enlightenment and solely has 2 denote photos. One image of the Black prophet character from the Fox TV series “Family Guy”, and another a acculturation that includes painter Bob Ross.
Meanwhile, the account will feature a tweet that says, “This could be a parody.” this can be denote as a reply to a tweet by Elon Musk wherever the wealthy person warns “Going forward, any Twitter handles participating in impersonation while not clearly specifying “parody” are for good suspended.”

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The Trump account was created by Brian Whelan, WHO works at London-based Times Radio. He same he created the ‘verified’ pretend Trump account “within 2 beers” – a relevancy however quickly he was able to accomplish the accomplishment. The now-suspended @DonTrumpReal account tweeted: “This is why Elon Musk’s arrange doesn’t work.”
Now an unverified Twitter user tells Stephen King that Twitter is the only  reason people know he's still alive. : r/stephenking
Soon when Twitter extended the blue tick mark feature for Twitter Blue users, pretend accounts of former North American nation President Donald Trump, WHO is prohibited from the social network, started doping up with a blue verification tick. Twitter Blue users conjointly impersonated gambling character Super Mario and Laker’s player LeBron James. And now, Christ too encompasses a verified account. All of those accounts carried a blue verification tick.
Twitter has extended its premium Twitter Blue subscription-based service for iOS users in many countries. Shortly when the service was launched, pretend news began to unfold on the platform. In one instance, a pretend account of LeBron James demanded a trade from the Lakers.
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