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Must Have Winter Essentials By Wellbeing Nutrition

Winter Essentials By Wellbeing Nutrition

Winter has arrived and it’s time to pay special attention to your body. While you brace yourself for the cold with warm, woolen outfits, you also need to protect your health from within by changing your diet. Why? Well, the lack of sunlight, cold breeze, and drop in temperature can create a nutrient deficiency that lowers your immunity, and make you feel sluggish. This further puts you at risk of falling sick regularly. Along with a change in diet, you will also need to invest in supplements, cause let’s face it, only your diet won’t be enough to bridge the nutritional gap. Increasing the nutrient count during this season can help strengthen immunity, boost energy, and improve metabolic rate and digestion. If you’re looking for the best supplements to add to your winter essentials, here are the top picks from Wellbeing Nutrition.

For Immunity & Flu 

Wellbeing Nutrition Grandmas Kada INR 350 » hindu metro

1. Grandma’s Kadha – Effective and tasty. Made with 13 Adaptogenic herbs, this Ayurveda-inspired drink helps boost immunity and shield you from early symptoms of sickness like cold, cough, and sore throat.

Price – 350

Link –

Wellbeing Nutrition Metls Throat Relief INR 465 » hindu metro

2. Melts Throat Relief – Keep the infections away, one strip at a time. These melts are made with natural Manuka Honey and Curcumin combined with plant-based compounds to provide fast relief from cough and sore throat without making you drowsy.

Price – 549

Link –

Wellbeing Nutrition Vitamin C Zinc INR 399 » hindu metro

3. Organic Vitamin C + Zinc – A highly effective and robust formulation that provides 100% RDA. It is formulated with only the cleanest, natural ingredients like Acerola, Amla, Elderberry, and more to boost your body’s immunological response to infections and diseases.

Price – 399

Link –

For Dry Skin –

Wellbeing Nutrition Glow Japanese Marine Collagen INR 4998 » hindu metro

1. Glow Japanese Marine Collagen Peptides

Made 8000 mg of Premium Wild Caught Pure Marine Collagen (Types I & III) from deep sea fish, along with clinically tested compounds like SkinAx, Glutathione, Resveratrol, Bromelain, and Goji Berry in exact dosages, this drinkable skincare supplement is a gamechanger for the skin.

Price – 2,499

Link –

Wellbeing Nutrition Skin Fuel INR 739 » hindu metro

2. Skin Fuel

Nourish your skin from within with this clinically approved skin elixir. Made with bioactive Japanese marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, L-glutathione, and vitamins in a 4-in-1 composition, this skin supplement helps keep the skin hydrated and gives it a radiant, youthful appearance.

Price – 999

Link –

Wellbeing Nutrition Marine Collagen INR 2200 » hindu metro

3. Korean Marine Collagen Peptides

Increase your body’s natural collagen production with Type 1 and Type 3 Korean marine collagen peptides and slow down the ageing process. It is effective for promoting bone and joint health, skin radiance, fine line reduction, stronger nails, and healthier hair.

Price – 2,750

Link –

For Hair Fall and Dry Hair/Scalp 

Wellbeing Nutrition SLOW Hair Skin Nails INR 1539 » hindu metro

1.    Slow Hair, Skin & Nails 

 A scientifically-developed supplement that aids in repairing and renewing cells. These capsules consist of fast-absorbing evening primrose oil along with slow-release plant-based beadlets with collagen, glutathione, and biotin that are designed to release nutrients slowly over a span of 8 hours.

Price – 2,199

 Link –

Wellbeing Nutrition Metls Healthy Hair INR 549 » hindu metro

2.    Melts Healthy Hair

Piperine and natural wholefood Biotin (10,000 mcg) work together to improve the absorption of nutrients for healthy hair. Minimize hair loss, rejuvenate follicles, and improve hair growth, with one strip a day.

Price – 649

 Link –

HairFall 01 540x » hindu metro

3.    Melts Hair Fall Control

Contains a plant-based formulation with KeranatTM, developed from a variety of Panicum miliaceum L. cultivated in France. This 6-in-1 formulation combines ingredients like Virgin Coconut Oil, Selenium, Zinc, Iron, and Indian Gooseberry, to structure and protect your mane and boost the thickness and gloss of your hair.

Price- 649

Link –

Others for Winters-

Wellbeing Nutrition Melts Vitamin D3 INR 549 » hindu metro

1. Melts Vitamin D3

Made with D3 (from lichen) and K2 (from chickpeas), now counter deficiencies with India’s first 100% plant-based vegan product. One strip post breakfast daily can promote stronger bones, increase immunity, improve heart health and provide energy.

Price – 649

Link –

Wellbeing Nutrition Melts Vitamin B12 INR 549 » hindu metro

2. Melts Vegan Vitamin B12

Plant-based vegan B12 meets folate to help reduce deficiencies, enhance energy levels, improve nerve functions, speed up metabolism, support heart health, and advance cognitive health.

Price – 649

Link –

Wellbeing Nutrition Melts Marvel 594 » hindu metro

3. Marvel Melts

This line of supplements is designed for children, taking their nutritional needs into account. Enriched with plant-based extracts that are transformed into nanoparticles, these strips “melt” when they come in contact with the tongue, ensuring quick, complete, and incredibly delightful absorption of all the goodness and nutrients.

Price – 699

Link –

About Wellbeing Nutrition

Wellbeing Nutrition is India’s new generation of life supplements brand. All the supplements are plant-based and have no sugar, preservatives or fillers for all areas of everyday – wellbeing of Sleep, Gut Health, Beauty, Stress, Immunity, Vitamins, Throat, Bone & Joint, Heart, Cognition, Weight Management, Eye, Energy and Detox which are sourced form natural substances. To know more, visit:

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