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Zara Khan MMS Leaked Viral On Internet

Zara Khan (famous stage actores of Pakistan) are often seen in a very video that has gone viral on social media that shows the actress ever-changing clothes within the room of the Shalimar Theater set in Lahore’s Bhatta Chowk.

According to the allegations, co-star Kashif Chan on the Q.T. recorded Zara Khan in their room on the orders of senior stage actor Khushboo Khan. throughout a conference at the lahore Press Club, the victims went on camera to explain the conduct as a “gross abuse.”

” Kashif Chan accustomed come back to the room repeatedly in a very single day to charge his phone, however they regularly refused to administer him the phone charger. “We ne’er unreal such a video would be created,” one among the victims of the leaked video arguing, Zara Khan, stated.

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Who is Zara Khan ?

Zara Khan square measure among the foremost distinguished celebrities throughout the Islamic Republic of Pakistan business. Their shows square measure thought-about to be the icing on the cake whenever they participate in events. however ever since they became concerned within the discussion around MMS, they need continued to be a subject of a heated discussion with incalculable people making ready to teach themselves on all aspects of the problem.

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The actresses have opted to file a case against the Shalimar Theater’s administration, however leader Tariq, the theatre’s chairman, has processed that the management isn’t concerned within the indecent behaviour.

Meanwhile, Kashif Chann, the unfree co-actor, declared that known stage actor Khushboo Khan paid him to shoot these clips. throughout the interrogation, he discovered that Zara Khan had conjointly placed AN application on his phone that allowed him to record hidden videos.

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