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Ahmad Ghoneim, the founder of TNT Designz, established the company in August 2021

Ahmad Ghoneim aims to transform your gaming rooms in the best creative and exotic ways. He has always been a passionate gamer and designer, and by mixing these two together, it led him to establish this company and start creating those insane gaming rooms

He has always gone the extra mile when it comes to satisfying his clients. There are certain aspects that his team never overlooks.

● Choosing Ambient Lighting Quality, as it’s the most essential part of your gaming room.
● Adding some useful technologies in the framework of the room.
● Choosing the appropriate theme which brings a sparkling vibe.
● Making sure the finishing of any project is professionaly done.

And when it comes to creating cinema rooms, it depends on the client’s requirements how TNT Designz works. Moreover, the projects are tougher enough to resist any kind of abrasion and definitely add value to your theme.

The A/V systems are installed properly. The furniture is made from pure fabrics and leather. The wall design is planned to give a real cinema-like ambiance. And the star galaxy lights and properly installed to create a space design with sparkling stars in it.

The combination of colours is decided in a way that it adds more colour and vibrancy to your walls.

All in all, the goal is to completely create an exotic luxury room, fully equipped and ready to make you live in the room forever, also make the client happy and bring joy to his daily routine.

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Ahmad Ghoneim

The gaming rooms set up by Ahmad Ghoneim are highly recommended by YouTubers and Gamers as TNT Designz created various insane gaming rooms for youtubers in Dubai.

So,if you are bored of spending hours in that old boring room then why not add a little life to it?

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