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Everything You Need to Know About the Next Big Thing in the Indie-Folk Music Scene: Matthew Melamed

Matthew Melamed is an indie-folk artist from Tel Aviv who has made a name for himself with his popular single ‘Oh‘, which he recorded with renowned producer Ran Nir (The Mojos, Asaf Avidan) under the label IMU-MUSIC (Now Steam Music).

The song received over 100k streams and was featured on the award-winning film’s soundtrack “Pre-Boarding”.
With a new release of the single ‘And I’, Matthew has collaborated with other talented musicians to bring his unique sound and vision to life.
This raw, emotional song has a mix of genres from Radiohead to Billie Eilish.

After a successful premiere, the song has been featured on music blogs like ‘Nagamag’ and hit top playlists on Spotify.

Matthew is already working on his next album, promising something “surprising and unexpected” for his fans.

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Matthew Melamed is a multi-talented entrepreneur, producer, and musician based in Tel Aviv, Israel, who is revolutionizing the indie-folk/pop genre.

He began his journey as a self-taught musician at the age of thirteen.
He draws inspiration from a diverse array of genres, including rock, folk, and classical music, to craft his unique sound.

He continues to push the boundaries of his craft and share his creations with the world.
It’s clear that Matthew Melamed is a musician to watch in the coming year” -Emeatribune Magazine.

Get to know Matthew Melamed:

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