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Director SS Rajamouli overjoyed to meet Steven Spielberg

Every director considers Rajamouli, the director who made the best films like RRR and Bahubali, as the god of direction, but what if he gives the title of God to someone. Something similar happened when S. s. Rajamouli met Steven Spielberg.

Rajamouli shared these pictures on Twitter and wrote, ‘I have met God’. It can be understood by looking at the pictures that S.S. What a huge movement it was for Rajamouli. Actually Universal Pictures hosted a party where Steven Spielberg also reached. Here S.S. Shocked to see Rajamouli’s Steven Spielberg. It can be seen in the pictures that Rajamouli is seen looking at Steven Spielberg with his hands on his face. During this, music composer M.M. Keeravani was also present.

Steven Spielberg praises the song ‘Natu Natu’

MM When Keeravani met Academy Award winner Steven Spielberg, Spielberg praised her song Natu Natu. Sharing the photo of this meeting, Keeravani wrote, ‘I couldn’t believe it when he said he liked the song Natu-Natu’.


Millions of people saw the picture

Lakhs of people liked the picture soon after Rajamouli shared it. So far 1.4 million views have come on this picture while many people have also shared it.

Who is steven spielberg

Steven Spielberg is known for making Hollywood’s best movies like Jurassic World, The War of the Worlds, Hook. Spielberg, 76, is also called the God of Direction. In his career, Steven has given many great films which still rule the hearts of people.

Natu-Natu received the Best Golden Globe Award

Natu-Natu has been awarded the Best Original Song award at the recently held 80th Golden Globe Awards. This song of the film RRR was well-liked in India as well, which went on people’s lips as soon as they saw it.

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