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Know Easy Tips To Make Jaggery Chemical Free

Jaggery is often used in Indian homes instead of sugar. People eat jaggery with fervor even on normal days with a special dish. But with so many varieties of jaggery available in the market, how can one choose the best jaggery – which is without any adulteration?

Chef Pankaj Bhadauria, who often shares useful kitchen hacks with people on her Instagram page. Recently, he gave simple tips to find out the purity of jaggery.
Pankaj tells that soda and some chemicals are used to clean the jaggery. Actually, the color of pure jaggery should be dark brown. White or yellow color in jaggery indicates chemical treatment.
How to recognize jaggery containing chemicals?

To be healthy, pure things should be taken no matter what. On this, Pankaj says about jaggery that white or light brown color tells about the chemicals in jaggery and the use of colors in it. These chemicals include calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate. Calcium carbonate is added to add weight and sodium bicarbonate to give a polished look.

Identification of pure jaggery
Pankaj not only recognized the chemical jaggery but also identified the real jaggery. He said that the real jaggery is dark brown or black in colour. It does not contain any chemicals. This is because when sugarcane juice is boiled, dark brown or black jaggery is obtained. But when chemicals are mixed in it, it becomes more white in appearance.

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